Atom Smash-Love Is In The Missile-CD-FLAC-2010-FATHEAD

Atom Smash - Love Is In The Missile (2010) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Atom_Smash-Love_Is_In_The_Missile-CD-FLAC-2010-FATHEAD
Artist: Atom Smash
Album: Love Is In The Missile
Genre: Hard Rock
Year: 2010
Tracks: 11
Duration: 00:40:24
Size: 300.05 MB

Atom Smash is the kind of experiment that we could use more of in the world.

Based in Miami the band formed in a fairly unconventional manner. Profirst discovered Sergio Sanchez in 2006 and immediately they dove into the songwriting process. “I then found Z via an online classified,” tells Sergio. “I sent him a few songs, and he quickly sent me back demos of the songs with his own twist. I was blown away, but I realized he was in Austria. He had the classified setup as if he wanted to live in South Florida. I flew him over, and a two-week vacation visa turned into a three-month vacation visa and, before you know it, we got him an entertainer visa.”

Allex “Z” Zilinski’s addition was just the beginning. The band’s lineup solidified in late 2008 when bassist Arnold Nese and drummer Mark Annino joined the fold permanently and finally in the spring of 2010 the final piece was the addition of guitarist Luke Rice. Atom Smash had been working with producer Paul Trust on the songs that would eventually comprise their Sacrifice EP. In support of the EP’s release, they immediately hit the road in early 2009. Through sharing stages with the likes of Saliva, Tantric and Halestorm AtomSmash cultivated a raucous live show, winning new fans every night. In the end, it’s all revealed in the band’s name for Sergio. “It’s a pretty simple and literal moniker. The band has a certain quality where we can break into a pop song and then on the next song I’ll be screaming my guts out, performing and throwing down as hard as anyone out there. As Atom Smash, we’re basically creating energy.”


  1. Atom Smash – Ashes – 4:08 (1066 kbps , 31.55 MB)
  2. Atom Smash – Do Her Wrong – 3:28 (1100 kbps , 27.29 MB)
  3. Atom Smash – Last Call – 3:20 (1032 kbps , 24.57 MB)
  4. Atom Smash – Erase Those Days – 3:41 (1002 kbps , 26.4 MB)
  5. Atom Smash – Sunburn – 3:52 (991 kbps , 27.35 MB)
  6. Atom Smash – Naked – 3:09 (1052 kbps , 23.74 MB)
  7. Atom Smash – Bianca – 4:12 (1019 kbps , 30.55 MB)
  8. Atom Smash – Sacrifice – 4:27 (1040 kbps , 33.16 MB)
  9. Atom Smash – Mile High Love – 3:17 (1060 kbps , 24.86 MB)
  10. Atom Smash – Rocker Girl – 3:11 (1081 kbps , 24.57 MB)
  11. Atom Smash – Shooting Star – 3:45 (969 kbps , 26.01 MB)

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